is simple web-site platform for job seeker to find appropriate job and company or agent who wants to find employee. currently are more focus on medium sized township.

Yes it is. You can register and sign in into the and fill your online resume. If any problem and request you can email or send feedback at pages --> contact us.

1. You can register as a member on the homepage of our website.

2. Click the “sign up employer” box for company and “sign up for individual” for individual who seeking a job.

3. Fill the entire requirements form.

Forgot your password

1. Go to sign in and click link forgot password. It will go directly to forget password form.

Change your password

1. Go to my account --> profile --> change password.

If any problem regarding the login, email to

Firstly sign up to the website as employer or individual.


1. You can post your provided job at your company by click button “Post your job” --> Select a Category --> Select a Sub Category --> post a job by click next button.

2. Fill the job requirement detail and click button “Post Now”. Your request will be at pending approval section and you able to edit or update post job.


1. You can seeking the job by click button “post your request” --> Select a Category -->Select a Sub Category --> post a job by click next button.

2. Your request will be at pending request section and you able to edit or update post job request.

Yes it is, the quick rules of posting a vacancy on are display at right side in post job request.The rule/guideline:

1. Make sure you post in the correct category.

2. Do not post the same job post more than once or repost an job post within 48 hours.

3. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.

4. Not post job containing multiple roles unless it's a special case.

5. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.

6. Do not post anything violated the law.

7. All vacancy/candidate information must be correct and true.

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